We Deliver:

“Addressing sustainable energy use and climate change issues by providing professional engineering and economic services.”


SGA Energy Limited, founded in 1988, is a trusted Canadian sustainable energy and climate change consulting firm based in Eastern Ontario, close to Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Building on its extensive network SGA Energy has provided professional engineering and socioeconomic services through individuals or in teams to projects in developing countries wordwide and in Canada’s rural and First Nation communities for the last quarter century.

Our technology expertise and experience is broad:

1. We provide policy, feasibility / design consulting and project management services for an array of sustainable energy options that include energy efficiency in commercial buildings and renewable energy technologies (small hydro, wind, biomass, and solar).

2. We are energy specialists in rural electrification working both on and off-grid to plan the most practical and cost effective solutions;

3. We are specialists in greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and mitigation. We help build both National and Facility inventories of GHG and work with clients to develop and manage strategies for GHG mitigation.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your energy and climate change goals.
613-259-0291 or info@sgaenergy.com

Why does hiring SGA make sense?

We offer:

  • Professional services tailored to your needs;
  • Policy and feasibility services that are backed by years of professional service;
  • Wide international experience connecting energy and development issues in nearly 20 developing countries and Canada’s rural and First Nation communities;
  • Broad experience with energy systems that ranges from integration into modern grids to placement in remote, off-grid locations;
  • Up-to-date evaluation of financial/business performance along with technical design criteria;
  • On-the-ground support services that include user demand surveys, due diligence analysis, training, facilitation, monitoring / evaluation and project management.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your energy and climate change goals - 613-259-0291 or info@sgaenergy.com