Climate Change

“SGA's engineering and environmental expertise makes us well qualified to provide solutions to reduce emissions”


Earth over North PoleEnergy use is a primary source of man-made greenhouse gases (GHG) and pollutants which are forcing changes to our climate. There are also other anthropogenic sources contributing greenhouse gases including agriculture systems, changes in land use and non-energy industrial processes.

Since 1998, we have been working at the core of climate change issues gaining engineering and environmental expertise that makes us well qualified to help monitor and reduce emissions.

SGA provides:

A recent SGA Climate Change Project

SGA is working with the Instituto Nacional de Ecologia Cambio Climatico (INECC), Mexico’s national agency tasked with producing its national GHG inventory biennially, to build capacity amongst national agencies.

As a non-Annex 1 country Mexico has been under no special obligation to produce national inventories.

As a result of new international agreements, Mexico is bound to regularly produce its national inventories on a two year cycle.

The goal of this project is to identify and enable changes needed in the Mexican GHG inventory system so that INECC, working with its stakeholder agencies, can publish accurate, transparent and verifiable Mexican GHG inventory reports every two years, starting in 2014.

SGA has been providing technical, management and organizational assistance to INECC through capacity building and advisory services.

A sample of SGA experience includes:

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