Sustainable Energy

“We are committed to finding environmentally and economically sustainable energy solutions, both on and off grid.”


Energy AlternativesSGA has real-world, international expertise in a wide range of sustainable energy technologies.

We provide the following services to support system installation and programming:

A recent SGA Sustainable Energy Project

SGA, working on behalf of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC), recently analyzed the business case for a set of sustainable energy alternatives. These alternative energy sources had the potential, in Aboriginal off grid communities, to reduce or eliminate the need for diesel fuel for heat and electricity and to provide economic development. The analysis included financial cost-benefit considerations plus non-quantitative considerations such as economic development potential, environmental and social benefits.

Extensive data were gathered on the costs and issues of a long list of sustainable energy generation alternatives of heat and electricity in remote and off grid locations including:

Alternatives to Diesel Generation

  • Grid extension;
  • Small hydro;
  • Wind;
  • Solar photovoltaic;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Energy storage on a Smart Micro Grid;
  • Biomass cogeneration.

Alternatives to Fossil Fuel Heating

  • Diesel cogeneration;
  • District Heating Systems;
  • Biomass Combustion Systems;
  • Solar Water Heat;
  • Solar Space Heat;
  • Heat Pumps.

We have wide ranging technology experience including:

Solar Systems - Photovoltaic and Thermal

SGA has hands-on experience in the evaluation and installation of solar PV systems.

  • SGA is a participant in the Ontario Power Authority MicroFIT program.
    Visit the SGA Energy monitored 12.5 kW PV system
  • Project Development and Management for LED-solar lighting
  • Off-grid applications, Solar Battery Charging Stations: Analysis and Best Practices
  • Monitoring of Photovoltaic-Genset Hybrid Power Systems
Biomass Systems - Less than 1 Mega Watt

SGA is recognized as a leader in solid and gaseous conversion of biomass to energy.

  • On-farm Small Scale Biomass Combined Heat and Power
  • Biomass Combustion Systems (BCS): Market Development Study and Plan
  • Biomass Combustion Systems (BCS): Buyer’s Guide
  • Small Scale Wood Gas / Diesel Generation: Technology Development
Small and Micro Hydro Systems

SGA has solid experience and knowledge in the development of small hydro systems.

  • Fawn River Hydro; Aboriginal community Strategic Plan
  • Pre-feasibility Analysis of Three Small Hydro Projects - Sierra Leone
  • Inventory and Pre-feasibility Study of Small Hydro Potential - Jamaica
  • Training Program on Micro hydro Investment - Nepal
Wind Systems

SGA wind experience together with its network of wind specialists can provide sound advice and management to turn a plan for wind development into a reality. To be viable, wind electricity depends most often on three things: community acceptance, wind resource and a good return on investment.

  • Innovative Electricity Markets to Incorporate Wind
  • The Ontario First Nation Guide to Wind Power Development
  • Procurement / Supply of Wind Monitoring Equipment for First Nation's Communities
  • North Korea Wind Energy Project
Rural Electrification and Utility Planning

We have worked closely with utilities in developing countries to organize, analyze and guide the development of rural electrification master plans as well as establishing optimization models for a full range of electrification options including:

  • Grid extension and rehabilitation
  • Remote grid generation from diesel, diesel-hybrid, hydro or other renewable options
  • Distributed generation for off-grid options such as solar and wind battery charging
  • Survey and recommendations for the restructuring of rural local distribution companies (LDC).
Energy Efficiency Projects
SGA has considerable experience in conducting audits and providing due diligence for commercial customers intent on saving money and energy.

We help government and commercial customers negotiate the best deal possible on Energy Service Contracts.

Our analysis has helped establish government programs, in Canada and overseas, that finance energy efficiency in buildings and vehicles.

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